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Human Resources

Human resource management is our expertise. We also offer time and attendance solutions and we recognize social responsibility.

Specialise in Information Technology

We strive to become your most valued technology partner we provide our clients with a competitive advantage on every project through our expert application of information technology services.

Skills Transfer

NeTrec regularly conducts training for our customers. These training sessions cover the broader aspects of IT discipline. These sessions equip our clients with the necessary basic knowledge of IT. This training is further extended to the community as part of our corporate social responsibility program.

Our Expertise

IT Services & Support

NeTrec IT Services & Support
NeTrec IT Services & Support

NeTrec is a company with specialists in all respective areas of our product offerings, supplying state of the art services and equipment at competitive prices, with the added benefit of personal attention to all of our clientele. NeTrec’s dedication to customer satisfaction combined with our expertise is what establishes us as a valued solutions partner in the industry.

Our company motto “Your PARTNER in time” is our value proposition, with our market-leading experience in Access Control, Time Attendance, Tool and Asset Management, Internet Services, WAN Hosting and Design, Application Development, Payroll Systems and Hosting, making the life of Human Resources much easier. We are very proud to be seen as a solutions partner and not just another service provider as all our solutions are fully customizable.

With our focus on relationships, accountability, and adaptability we differentiate ourselves from the rest of the industry as a company not just focusing on providing the best technical solutions but rather a company that focuses on providing the best solutions in the most ethical and sustainable manner possible.

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We are best at

Management Reporting

Ensures effective communication with our clients.


We constantly change for the better – a dynamic culture means the company is able to adapt to the challenging and rapid changes in the information technology industry.

Relationships & Accountability

We pride ourselves on nurturing relationships with our clients.

More of our Services:

  • Time and Attendance solutions
  • Visitors & Access Control
  • Business Process Management & Document Management Solutions
  • ERP Solutions
  • ERP Integration
  • Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam and Security Solutions
  • Microsoft Professional Services
  • Application Development
  • Infrastructure Outsourcing Service
  • Support and Maintenance Service
Areas of Capability

Areas of Capability

Our Philosophy

Minimising IT costs
Optimising IT Processes by Providing Business Sense Solutions

To forge strong partnerships where mutual respect and collaboration are key

Our vision is to build our brand, business and support team to become your most valued technology partner

NeTrec Communication
NeTrec Communication

Our Valuable Clients

What our customers/clients say

DCD Heavy Engineering has always been a market leader in the manufacturing sector.  In order to maintain its competitiveness management acknowledged that; information technology must be viewed as an enabler instead of a cost and that reliable systems with real-time information with the ability to run on mobile devices are of the utmost importance. It was there important to align with professional IT service providers which could assist DCD Heavy Engineering in this regard.

Netrec’s has been identified as an IT supplier which could help us to achieve our goal with their wide range of real-time information systems which also meets the requirement to run on mobile devices.

Their “Trec time recording system” with Access control, Time and attendance and Shopfloor time recording functionality is an exceptional system.  Not only has the system enable us to pay our employees correctly, but it also put management in a position to monitor the shopfloor productivity in real time. Constant improving the shopfloor efficiency is a high priority in order to remain competitive.

In addition to the Trec time recording system the company also outsourced the ERP support to Netrec, implemented a number of their management systems and make use of their connectivity and hosting solutions.

DE Marais General Manager DCD Heavy Engineering

The DCD Group has a long and fruitful association with NeTrec and its predecessor. Selling hours is our game and to be able to control the time spent on the shop floor has been our competitive advantage.

NeTrec developed real-time time and attendance software that provides critical insight into our various businesses, allowing faster decision making and ultimately improving our competitive position.

NeTrec offers market leading access control, time attendance, tool and asset management, internet hosting services, WAN hosting and design as well as customized application development.

NeTrec’s offering can be customized and allowed us to integrate several of our own systems and automated processes into theirs, thereby reducing the risk of errors and improving efficiency.

This all adds up to a user-friendly comprehensive product offering with further improvements and new features being introduced. Based on our long and fruitful association I can recommend NeTrec as a value-adding supplier.

Danie Richards – Financial Director DCD Group

Our Board of Directors

NeTrec is a fully BEE Small Macro Medium Enterprise (SMME)