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TRec The One Solution

TREC is a powerful, easy to use, web-based, real-time, networked, electronic clocking system. The system consists of integrated modules for:
  • Job Time Recording (Shopfloor / Activity)
  • Time & Attendance (Pay Control)
  • Access Control
  • PPE Control
  • Tool/Asset Control
  • All the above modules can be purchased and installed independently.
  • It is developed to improve timekeeping accuracy of employees in a workshop environment and also offers real-time solutions for customers with single or multiple site operations. TREC is flexible and can be customized to suit any business type.
  • Integrates with any ERP and Payroll System.
  • Tools/ Assets, PPE and Consumables issued to employees can be tracked, controlled and traced throughout the employee engagement.
  • Consumables issued to employees can also be tracked through tools/asset module.
  • Record and view clock times in real time providing on the spot management decision-making to improve production output.
  • Current attendance on site / Current absenteeism.
  • Activation or de-activation employees.
  • Control employee activity with Biometric / RFID / UHF and/or Mobile App.
  • Visitors module and UHF vehicle control as part of Access Control.
  • Employee movement’s between sites are monitored as well as time spent on each site.
  • TRec facilitates hourly, monthly and labor broker employees.
  • On-site / Mobile attendance and job / Activity recording.
  • Various reports can be printed, e.g. productivity report, weekly wages, absenteeism, pay time authorization etc. Proforma Invoicing.
Benefits of TRec
  • TREC is parameter driven, allowing for the customization of all critical aspects of reporting according to the need of the client and the client’s workforce.
  • Reduces rounding, automatically provides calculations and deducts the appropriate time for late-arrival and early departures.
  • Increases productivity, reduces time spent on reviewing stacks of individual clock cards.
  • Improves labor and management control, time and attendance can be used to measure the productivity of an entire company or a particular department/cost center.
  • Eliminating errors, when the time is calculated and recorded manually.
  • Reduces paperwork – it is a computerized system and data is stored electronically.
  • Accurate costing on WIP.
  • Recording productive and non-productive hours.
  • Cost saving with a quick return on your investment.
  • Helpdesk with remote or on-site support.
NeTrec is a company with specialists in all respective areas of our product offerings, supplying state of the art services and equipment at competitive prices, with the added benefit of personal attention to all of our clientele. NeTrec’s dedication to customer satisfaction combined with our expertise is what establishes us as a valued solutions partner in the industry. Our company motto “Your PARTNER in time” is our value proposition, with our market-leading experience in Access Control, Time Attendance, Tool and Asset Management, Internet Services, WAN Hosting and Design, Application Development, Payroll Systems and Hosting as well as IRate – Our very own unique Industrial Relations Discipline software, making the life of Human Resources much easier. We are very proud to be seen as a solutions partner and not just another service provider as all our solutions are fully customizable. With our focus on relationships, accountability, and adaptability we differentiate ourselves from the rest of the industry as a company not just focusing on providing the best technical solutions but rather a company that focuses on providing the best solutions in the most ethical and sustainable manner possible.